Ties and Scarves

Perfect for a Windsor Knot

The Savoy Gastronomes has a salmon pink and grey tie for gentlemen and an elegant scarf for ladies.  They are regularly worn at events and, affords ins
tant recognition of fellow members, whichever outpost you might find yourself.  If you still have not purchased yours, they are an affordable £15.00 for a tie and £15.00 for a scarf, both are 100% silk.

Order directly from, add £2.80 for p&p and they will be sent to you directly.  

A little history:  
Sartorial elegance is a thing that comes naturally to all Savoy Gastronomes and with that in mind, the founder members set to work on creating a tie for 
their fledgling amicale. ͞"The process took an awfully long time with the all male committee seeking to find a design solution to meet all tastes." Wrote Julian Payne Snr.  


"Long and ponderous hours were spent heads down, often with a mature glass of Claret in hand, until the Eureka moment arrived by looking at the pink and salmon coloured Savoy tablecloth in front of us." Julian goes on to explain that the rather squiggly SG was drawn in Quink Ink by left-handed Martin Harvey 
on the back of an envelope.  The tie was originally polyester and referred to by Julian Payne as the width of a 16-ounce sole, fortunately today, various
 elements have changed to ensure the tie is fashionably up to date. 

When women were admitted to The Savoy Reception and later joined the Gastronomes, a scarf was considered an ideal badge of honour.  It was agreed
that the most fabulous and decadent event ever held at The Savoy was the Gondola Party in 1905, when the courtyard was flooded and where swans serenely floated.  The scarf, with hints of pink and grey but predominately black and cream was created. It is 100% silk and made in England.  

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